Ongoing Projects

The following projects present some of the ongoing initiatives of LIFE.

You can direct your donations to specific projects or contribute to our global development fund which provides us additional flexibility to apply funds to critical emerging needs.


For two decades, LIFE has supported over 10 orphanages in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Sierra Leone. LIFE works with a registered charity in Turkey (Syrian Orphan Aid Association) to ensure that over 600 children will have a better future through education, improved health and a safe place off the streets. Sponsor an orphan today for only $75/month.




Medical Equipment Fund

Through our global development network we identify key locations requiring life saving and essential medical equipment and tools. Your donations are providing X-Rays; dialysis; ophthalmology surgical equipment and other tools to areas in crisis.






Food Baskets

Throughout the year, LIFE distributes over 2,500 food baskets to families in need. The baskets provide basic necessities like rice, cooking oil, flour, sugar, wood and matches. Your contribution continually keeps family together and gives kids opportunity to go to school.





Rohingya Relief

Many Rohingyas are fleeing violence their homes in the largest refugee crisis in Asia. LIFE is working with partner agencies to ensure donations are delivered to the refugee camps. LIFE and its partner agencies are providing 100% of these donations to the refugees.






Winter Clothing

Many children and families in refugee camps suffer from the cold winter. LIFE provides winter clothing, blanket, shoes, wood and matches to ease their condition. Donations are accepted on a cash basis to purchase clothing in the local market which also builds local economies. Donate today to warm the hearts and bodies of refugees.








Global Fund

Our Global Fund provides us flexibility to apply resources in several ways. Your support of this fund enables us to top up other fund areas as required; support emergnt needs as they happen; and provide critical operational support







LIFE has been a trusted charity in distributing your zakat (compulsory charity) 100% to those in need around the world. Your trust is important to us.








LIFE knows how important for you and your family to ensure that your udhiya is accepted. LIFE takes great care to ensure that your udhiya is distributed on time.





Get Involved


LIFE looks forward to supporters and volunteers being involved at all times. Please contact us if you have a family member or loved one seeking to gift or bequeath to LIFE. We also have many opportunities to share your unique talents and abilities. Please reach out to assist in our donor relations; administrative support; and fundraising campaigns.