Areas of Assistance:

Emergency Relief

When disaster strikes timing is critical in saving lives and removing families from harms way. LIFE is one of many global partners funding and executing relief efforts as they happen. Subscribe to our Emergency Alerts to be the first to add your support to the most needy when they need it most.



No one chooses to go hungry. Economic, environmental and sociopolitical events can devastate the lives of families just like yours and mine. LIFE offers over X programs per year to relieve hunger among the most vulnerable, especially orphaned and homeless children.



The long term mission of LIFE is to bring sustainable development to communities. Critical to this is equipping communities with medical expertise and technology to deliver quality health care where little or no health care resources exist.



Providing a meal means someone will eat for a day. Providing the tools to cultivate the food feeds a community for a lifetime. There is no better tool than education to empower and develop communities. We are building schools and providing teachers in areas where none existed before.



Those less fortunate than ourselves seek more than immediate support. They seek long term solutions to systemic problems. Development for LIFE means clean water and sanitation projects; agricultural development; micro-financing; and adult education.



The most vulnerable are often the most voiceless. LIFE plays an important role as an advocate. We bring together academic and research partners; development networks; government; and communities in need – to provide innovative, long lasting solutions.



In 2016, LIFE support 6 projects in 4 countries. You provided over $1million dollars to relieve suffering and improve the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families.